Ways to Give

Annual Fund

In 1954 Parkview Adventist Academy came to its final stop across from Lincoln Park and the OKC Zoo. The need for more space drove this move from its former location on Western Avenue. Through the years the school has grown and changed to meet the needs of the students attending and open its doors to more. The legacy that has been handed down, is one we desire to continue. The legacy of educating kids about the love of Jesus and providing a safe environment in which to do so. This is a special opportunity for you to reach out help the students and provide a place of learning. Our goal is to raise an annual fund of $100,000 to meet the ever-growing needs of your student body.

Student Scholarship Fund

Scholarships give students who wouldn’t have the opportunity to receive a Christ-centered education, this opportunity in a tight economy. Each scholarship gives a student an opportunity to learn about Christ as a reality. Your gift to the scholarship fund makes this scholarship possible for the students. Scholarships give more students the opportunity to experience a Christ-centered education and a chance to learn in a safe environment.

Lee Litchfield Scholarship

Contributions to the Lee Litchfield Scholarship Fund go towards scholarships for 9-12 graders earning a 3.5 GPA and above each semester.

Adventure Fund

Learning is an adventure, one waiting to be explored. There are many methods of learning, but one of the best methods is when students have the chance to experience things firsthand. This can be accomplished when your students experience the rich variety of mission/field trips that we offer. From trips to Washington D.C. to local field trips to the zoo to mission trips around the world, all give students an opportunity to take what they have learned in the class and experience it firsthand. Annually we would like to raise $15,000 for our students to go on mission trips/field trips.

Technology/STEM Fund

There is a 3 million job deficit in the world today. The current generation entering the job force does not have the skills needed for these jobs, leaving many without jobs, because they are filled. Building our STEM/technology program is essential to preparing our students for the future ahead of them. Essential to give them the skills they need to fill this gap in the job market. Technology is a part of almost every occupation and making sure your students have the knowledge is critical to their success post-high school. You have an opportunity to help prepare the students for the job world they face, by supporting the STEM/technology program. Our goal is to raise $15,000 annually to build and support this program.

Opportunity Scholarship fund

Parkview is a proud member of the Opportunity Scholarship Fund, an organization that awards scholarships that allow eligible students funding to attend a participating private school in Oklahoma. Donors are eligible for Oklahoma tax credits of 50% of the donation amount.

Fence Fund

Providing a safe environment is essential for your students to grow and learn. When children feel safe, they thrive and can focus on learning. We have been blessed with 8 acres for our school, but we are lacking the security of a fence. We often have strangers cutting across the property to get to the learning center/clinics next door to the school. This poses a safety issue because while most mean no harm, there is always the potential of someone that does. One of our greatest desires is to protect our children and provide them with a sense of safety to the best of our ability. Will you help us achieve this goal by contributing to the fencing fund? ($90,000)