Who we are:

Parkview Adventist Academy {PAA}

Is the preparatory Adventist Christian school of the Seventh-day Adventist Church serving grades PreK-12 in the Oklahoma City Area.

  • Educating– PAA provides an individualized Christian Education accompanying parents in a side-by-side journey in preparing students for the future.
  • Inspiring– PAA is mission-centered and vision-inspired; in developing the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Serving– PAA provides service opportunities where we develop the desire to serve others just like Jesus did here on earth.


Our mission is Educating to Empower students for tomorrow by Inspiring them to Serve like Jesus today.

  • Educating to Empower our students for the future ahead of them.
  • Inspiring them to Serve like Jesus served.

EMPOWER: We weave God’s love and message into every aspect of education. Education is to prepare our students for God’s plan.

  • Teaching- PAA teaches morals and God’s message hand in hand with secular education.
  • Learning- PAA understands that each student is unique and requires an individualized education so that students can grow and learn.

INSPIRE: Jesus is our inspiration, and through His Spirit, we foster an environment where students are inspired to be like Him.

  • Inspiration– PAA focuses on the life and ministry of Jesus to inspire and direct the steps we take to educate our students.

SERVE: Jesus met people where they were and served them. We are compelled to do no less than to serve the community around us, loving them like Jesus would.

  • Serving– PAA follows the example of Jesus by ministering to the needs of others and seeking new ways to serve our community.
  • Community– PAA expresses who God is best by working together. Our relationships with each other and our community best express His love.


In this time here on earth, we aspire to produce students who are empowered to do the work God has called them to do- serving others and building relationships, transforming our world for God’s kingdom.

Our Philosophy 
Parkview Adventist Academy is operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church to provide a spiritually oriented education for children. A belief in the existence of the Creator God is fundamental in the philosophy of Seventh-day Adventist schools. We respect His divine authority and recognize His intervention in human affairs. We believe that true education develops the spiritual, mental, and physical powers of each student, preparing them for the joy of service in this life and for the higher joy of service in the life to come. To achieve this goal, we encourage each student to:

  • develop a personal relationship with God and his fellow men as stated in Matthew 2:37-39
  • master the basic academic skills
  • value labor, physical and mental, as the blessing God intended
  • cultivate physical fitness, mental ability, and moral purity as the blessing God intended.

Parkview Adventist Academy strives to maintain the quality standards adopted by the North American Division of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. All enrolled secondary students will be required to carry a full load of no fewer than 6 credits per semester.

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