PAA Student Food Store

Store Hours:

Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Friday 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM


Welcome to our PAA Student Food Store! We are very excited to offer an opportunity for our students to learn and a place for you to purchase vegetarian food locally. We are excited to offer free grocery pick-up, as well. You may place your order below with the items you want, quantity, and the date/time you want to pick up or you can call the school to place an order. Your order will be selected and ready for you to pick up or you can come in and browse our selection.

Can Foods


H Vege-Burger

H Vege-Steak

H Chik’n Bites

LL Big Franks

LL Choplets

LL Chili

LL Diced Chik

LL Fri-Chik

LL Little Links

LL Linketts

LL Nutolene

LL Prime Steak

LL Redi-Burger

LL Saucettes

LL Skallops

LL Super Links

LL Swiss Steaks

LL Tender Bits

LL Vegetable Steak

LL Vegetarian Burger

LL Veja-Links

Loma Tuna in Water

Loma Chorizo

Loma Taco Filling

Freezer Foods

Croq Dorees

Worthington Chicken Slices/Rolls

Worthington Corned Beef Slice/Rolls

Worthington Chicketts/Rolls

Worthington Dinner Roast

Worthington Fri-Pats

Worthington Ham Slices/Roll

Worthington Leanies

Prosage Roll

Worthington Salami Slices/Roll

Worthington Steaklets

Worthington Turkey Slices/Roll

Amy’s Bean & Cheese Burrito

Amy’s Macaroni & Cheese

Garden Crispy Mandarin Orange Chik’n

Turkey Roast

Shelf Items



Gravy-Savory Herb


GW Broth-Golden

GW Broth-Brown

McKays Chicken-Vegan

McKays Chicken-No MSG

McKays Beef-Vegan

McKays Beef-No MSG


Yeast Flakes

Soy Curls

Gefen Jello-Cherry

Gefen Jello-Lemon

Gefen Jello-Raspberry

Gefen Jello-Strawberry

Imitation Bacon Bits

Braggs Nutritional Yeast Seasoning


Liquid Aminos Seasoning

Online Order Form

Payments can be made in person or over the phone (405-427-6525).